Third Vito For A J Wakely & Sons Hard-Working Fleet

With 10 offices serving a swathe of rural Devon, Somerset and Dorset, A J Wakely & Sons need a fleet which is totally reliable. Director Clive Wakely, fourth generation of this privately-owned funeral firm, explains why he chooses Superior UK for his removal vehicles.

Wakely funeral removal Binz Vito

“Our 10 offices cover a really wide area – from Dorset and East Devon across the Somerset border. Our removal vehicles need to be totally reliable in the face of a high daily workload and plenty of mileage. We recently secured two coroners’ contracts for Dorset, which meant we needed to add a third removal vehicle to our fleet.”

Company Directors Clive and Simon Wakely first got in touch with Kevin Smith at Superior UK eight years ago, to purchase two new Mercedes Benz Vito removal vehicles. When recent developments in the business meant a third removal vehicle was needed, they knew who to contact.

“We have been completely happy with our existing Vitos,” said Clive, “and Kevin and his team at Superior always give excellent customer service. We have no reason to look elsewhere. We are pleased to be associated with Superior UK.”

“The Mercedes Vito is a really reliable vehicle and an essential workhorse in our fleet,” Clive explained. “But our removal vehicles have to look good, too, particularly when we are working on coroners’ contracts. We like the quality design and finish of the Rise and Fall mechanism, which makes the removal process easier and more dignified for everyone involved. These vehicles really are in a class of their own, as you would expect from Mercedes Benz. I can’t imagine us ever using anything else.”

This new Vito from Superior UK is the latest vehicle in A J Wakely & Sons distinctive silver fleet. “A J Wakely & Sons need dependable, quality vehicles which reflect the levels of service that this large and established family firm offer,” said Kevin Smith of Superior UK. “We are delighted to offer continued support.”

You can find us at Superior Automotive UK on Twitter and Superior Automotive UK on Facebook. For more about us please go to our main website – Superior Automotive UK.

Third Vito For A J Wakely & Sons Hard-Working Fleet is a post from the Superior Automotive UK blog. The main website is here.

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