A Comfier Drive For Edwin Pounds With New-Style Vito Removal Vehicle

Edwin Pounds and Sons of Bradford have come to Superior UK for their fleet and family vehicles since 2004. Company Director (and fourth generation family member) Simon Broome tells us why loyalty, trust and longevity matter in ongoing supplier relationships.

“We initially went to Superior UK in 2004 because of their industry reputation,” he said. “Everything went so smoothly with that initial purchase – and with each of our three fleet purchases in the last 11 years – that we have no desire to look anywhere else for our vehicles. Like us, Superior UK are a family firm and they share our own values of communication, attention to detail, trust and integrity.”

vitoEdwin Pounds and Sons are now on their third full fleet from Superior UK, and last year took delivery of the new generation E Class hearse and limousine with their distinctive single headlamps, Sport style grille and panoramic glass roofs. Last year it became time to upgrade the existing Vito removal vehicle to a newer, more spacious model. With the help of Kevin Smith at Superior UK, they ordered a brand-new Vito 114 BlueTEC.

“We had been running the old shape Vito since 2012,” explained Simon, “but I began to think about replacing it after a long trip to Scotland on one of the hottest days of the year. The old vehicle had no air-conditioning. And the cab could feel cramped for me, since I’m pretty tall.”

The firm’s new Vito is the new 114 shape, with aluminium wheels, automatic drive, and of course air conditioning! Like its predecessor, it was custom-built to Simon’s specifications with the build overseen by Kevin Smith at Superior.

“The Superior Rise&Fall decking in Superior’s Vitos is a huge bonus,” said Simon, “making life a lot easier for us and making removals more dignified and professional. The new vehicle is a lot nicer to drive. It’s already a great replacement but I know it will really come into its own next Summer.”

Edwin Pounds and Sons was established in 1904 as a farm, coal business and carriage providers by Edwin Pound, Simon’s maternal great-grandfather, who added funeral work to the business in 1940. Edwin Pound and Sons is now run by Simon, with support from his family and the team, and occupies a large site which was rebuilt in 2009.

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Funeral Industry First For Nicholas O’Hara Funeral Directors With Pilato SPA and Superior UK

The delivery of two new Pilato XJ limousines marks the latest installment in the story of Nicholas O’Hara Funeral Directors’s relationship with Pilato SPA and Superior UK. But it’s far from the final chapter.

Superior Pilato for FSJ
Here’s the story behind this ground-breaking fleet.

When Nicholas O’Hara Funeral Directors took delivery of their two brand-new Pilato XJ limousines, it completed their current fleet of stunning Pilato vehicles. Anthony O’Hara explains why he made the decision to work closely with Pilato SPA in Italy and Superior UK, Pilato’s UK distributor, to create a fleet which is turning heads.

“We took delivery of a Queen II Pilato hearse earlier this year,” he said. “The vehicle was considered so special that it was unveiled at the National Funeral Exhibition, and Barbara and Gianvittorio flew in from Pilato Italy specifically for the handover event.

“Our two Pilato hearses – a Queen I and the Queen II – have proved so popular with families that we decided to order two fully-customised Pilato XJ limousines.”

Pilato Superior OHara editorial image 2

Nicholas O’Hara Funeral Directors are a busy family firm serving a wide area across Dorset. They pride themselves on excellence, winning several local and industry awards for business and customer service. In fact, they have recently won the Customer Service Award at the fourth Blackmore Vale Media Business Awards. They extend this commitment to excellence to their fleet.

Their two new Pilato XJ limousines herald a new standard in UK funeral industry vehicles: the cars are the first Jaguar limousines made outside the UK.

Kevin Smith of Superior UK said he was delighted to serve O’Haras with their industry-first choice of fleet vehicles. “Superior UK is very proud to be partner and supplier of Pilato SPA’s Jaguar vehicles to the UK market. Pilato has been a family managed company for over 50 years and a fully-approved Jaguar manufacturing partner since 2007. They are one of Europe’s most successful funeral vehicle suppliers and their vehicles are some of the most sophisticated in the world. We share solid family values and an ongoing desire to provide excellence to all our customers. As UK agent for Mercedes Benz and Pilato’s Jaguar products, we get a great deal of satisfaction out of handovers like these!”

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Why Richards Funeral Services Chose Bespoke Removal Vehicle Over Self-Build

Why Richards Funeral Services Chose Bespoke Removal Vehicle Over Self-Build

Busy Welsh funeral firm Richards Funeral Services Ltd serves a large area of the Cynon Valley. So their fleet needs to be reliable, with a professional look that honours this deeply-rooted community and give the families they serve the service they deserve.
new vito mercedes removal funeral vehicle
James Richards, Director and Owner at Richards Funeral Services explains why he made a big decision when it was time to purchase a replacement removal vehicle.

“Our existing removal vehicle was getting a bit tired, so we were looking to replace this workhorse,” James explained. “The removal vehicle we were using was a van on which we’d carried out our own conversion. It was good, and had suited our purposes for many years, but I knew an upgrade would benefit our staff, our business and the families.”

The lifting system on Richard FS’s self-build van conversion was solid but basic. James had a look at some other vehicles including the Ford Transit, which had great reviews, but decided to approach Superior UK to discuss a Mercedes-Benz Vito.

“I really felt we needed something a step up from a standard van,” he said. “We already run a Mercedes-Benz fleet of a hearse and two, so the obvious starting point was to look at a Mercedes-Benz removal vehicle. I’d dealt with the Smith family at Superior regarding our cars, so I gave Kevin a call and he paid us a visit to talk about the Vito.”

James’s key requirements were: exacting Health and Safety standards, an improved lifting mechanism for the vehicle’s top deck, and a professional look which matched his existing Mercedes-Benz fleet. After Kevin Smith of Superior UK had visited Richards Funeral services in Aberdare, James made the trip to Reading to see a selection of vehicles and view the workshop.

“Kevin was able to listen to my requirements and turn them into a practical set of specifications which would work very well in everyday life,” he explained. “It was great to be able to see the workshop and workmanship in action. The Vito is not just a van. It has an executive look, and an incredible level of design and finish. It’s built specifically for the job.”

Richards Funeral Services took delivery of their new Vito removal vehicle at the beginning of October and it was put to work immediately, covering hundreds of miles in its first month. “The staff here are delighted with it,” said James. “It’s a comfortable ride, runs well, and has given us no problems. The details of the finish are great, with excellent coverage on the paintwork unlike previous Mercedes vans we’ve had. The Rise&Fall lifting mechanism Superior built and installed is a step up from anything we’ve had before, and really makes our life easier.”

As the third-generation of this established family business, James knows that reputation and trust are key to longevity.

“The new Vito, and its lifting system, also looks a lot more professional when families see us doing a removal. And that’s what it’s all about,” he said. “We are here to serve the public as best we can, and the families are paramount to the success of our firm.

“Ultimately, the Vito is a better-equipped and more professional looking vehicle than anything we could have achieved ourselves, and I’m glad we went to Superior UK for their help.”

Why Richards Funeral Services Chose Bespoke Removal Vehicle Over Self-Build
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Third Vito For A J Wakely & Sons Hard-Working Fleet

With 10 offices serving a swathe of rural Devon, Somerset and Dorset, A J Wakely & Sons need a fleet which is totally reliable. Director Clive Wakely, fourth generation of this privately-owned funeral firm, explains why he chooses Superior UK for his removal vehicles.

Wakely funeral removal Binz Vito

“Our 10 offices cover a really wide area – from Dorset and East Devon across the Somerset border. Our removal vehicles need to be totally reliable in the face of a high daily workload and plenty of mileage. We recently secured two coroners’ contracts for Dorset, which meant we needed to add a third removal vehicle to our fleet.”

Company Directors Clive and Simon Wakely first got in touch with Kevin Smith at Superior UK eight years ago, to purchase two new Mercedes Benz Vito removal vehicles. When recent developments in the business meant a third removal vehicle was needed, they knew who to contact.

“We have been completely happy with our existing Vitos,” said Clive, “and Kevin and his team at Superior always give excellent customer service. We have no reason to look elsewhere. We are pleased to be associated with Superior UK.”

“The Mercedes Vito is a really reliable vehicle and an essential workhorse in our fleet,” Clive explained. “But our removal vehicles have to look good, too, particularly when we are working on coroners’ contracts. We like the quality design and finish of the Rise and Fall mechanism, which makes the removal process easier and more dignified for everyone involved. These vehicles really are in a class of their own, as you would expect from Mercedes Benz. I can’t imagine us ever using anything else.”

This new Vito from Superior UK is the latest vehicle in A J Wakely & Sons distinctive silver fleet. “A J Wakely & Sons need dependable, quality vehicles which reflect the levels of service that this large and established family firm offer,” said Kevin Smith of Superior UK. “We are delighted to offer continued support.”

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Pilato Italy launch Queen II, available in the UK through Superior

The cover star of January’s Funeral Service Journal will be this stunning Pilato Queen II, a Jaguar XJ based hearse, newly delivered to C Bastock Ltd directly from Pilato in Italy.
Pilato Hearse UK Superior

David Bastock explains why he loves Pilato design and coachwork, and reveals news of the new Pilato hearse available in this country from Superior UK.

“The silver hearse you can see on the cover is our second Pilato vehicle,” said David, “and it’s the first Pilato Queen II in the country.” 

David, who is 7th generation of the Bastock family, explained the process leading up to delivery of the Pilato Queen II. “Until now, sourcing vehicles from Pilato has needed to be done directly,” he said. “For this hearse, we made several trips to Pilato in Italy, to discuss our specific requirements, ensuring the deck was built to our UK specification rather than the usual European style.”



From this year, it will be much easier for funeral directors like David to access the Italian flair and finish of Pilato’s funeral vehicles. Superior UK, the funeral vehicle specialists, have been working behind the scenes with Pilato and now proudly announce that they are the partner and supplier of Pilato’s Jaguar hearses in the UK. Pilato have been a fully-approved Jaguar manufacturing partner since 2007, and Superior UK are now the sole UK agent for Mercedes Benz and Pilato’s Jaguar products.

“Making the trip out to Pilato in Italy is fascinating for anyone keen on vehicle design and history,” said David. “Everyone at Pilato is very proud of the company’s heritage, and the premises are immaculate. We have particularly enjoyed working with lead designer Gianvittorio, who personally pens and designs all the new hearses and interiors. Like us, he is passionate about the work he does.”

C Bastock Ltd are now considering the purchase of a new vehicle from Pilato, and David explained how life will be made easier by having Kevin and Peter Smith at Superior as a Pilato supplier right here in the UK.


“We are excited about the launch of the new Pilato Queen II,” he said. “Along with Kevin Smith at Superior, we have been applying gentle pressure to Pilato for some time, encouraging them to design a new hearse. And it’s great to know that we can speak to Kevin or Peter at Superior about any aspect of the vehicle at any time.”


Although C Bastock Ltd are a relatively small family run funeral company, they pride themselves on innovation, doing what they can to stay one step ahead. David told us how his eye-catching fleet of silver Pilatos plays a significant role in the company’s image. “The silver fleet was actually my father’s decision back in the 1970s,” he recalls. “It was very unusual then. These days, the silver vehicles are our signature. Hence the decision to purchase Pilato again. The vehicles really do stand out from the crowd with the Italian design and finish. We get so many comments from families – when I pull up outside houses, I can hear the positive comments as we walk in. As for us, we love the Pilato for the marked difference in both the design and the quality of the build. And, of course, as we are based in the Midlands, it is very meaningful to run Jaguars. Families come to us who have worked for Jaguar their whole lives. It’s comforting to them to make that final journey in a Jaguar.”

Kevin Smith of Superior UK explained his part in the Pilato story. “We are delighted to now be working in partnership with Pilato and look forward to bringing these wonderful vehicles to the UK market.”

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New Binz limousine helps Heart of England Co-operative maintain modern branding

The Heart of England Co-operative have always been a forward-thinking business. Their fleet are a key part of their brand’s modern image, so when it was time to purchase a new limousine, they asked Superior UK to help source a brand new Binz.
301014 Rugby Handover DS

Darryl Smith is the Heart of England Co-operative Society’s General Manager of Funerals. He told us why they continue to choose Binz vehicles to update their fleet. “Our fleet of 4 first-call vehicles is really eye-catching,” he explained, “with Flint Grey dark metallic paintwork, with colour-coded bumpers, alloy wheels and tinted glass. We love the look of the vehicles and we get lots of positive comments from our client families. We have always been impressed by the quality of the Binz vehicles, with great coachwork and detailed finish, and of course the fuel economy of the BlueEFFICIENCY models helps us stay competitive.”

Kevin Smith, from Superior UK, told us why he is always delighted to assist Darryl and the Heart of England Co-operative. “Darryl has many years experience in the funeral industry and understands how the right choice of vehicle can make a significant impact on a funeral firm’s image,” he said. “Limousines need to be safe, comfortable and reliable but it’s the finish and details which help build awareness and trust with families. It is a pleasure to help Heart of England expand their fleet. Darryl’s choice of the Tenorite Grey paintwork, with bespoke details on the cars, really makes their fleet stand out.”
301014 Rugby Handover Peter

The latest limousine to be delivered to Darryl is part of a continual programme which keeps the Heart of England Co-operative moving forward.

Superior UK looks forward to being of service to Darryl and his colleagues in the future as they expand their fleet and keep their company image fresh and distinctive.

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Fourth Superior fleet for sixth generation of Silletts family funeral service

Fourth Superior fleet for sixth generation of Silletts
Trust, commitment and personal relationships make all the difference in small industries. The funeral business is no different. That’s why, when Silletts Funeral Service in Manchester looked to purchase their fourth fleet of funeral vehicles, they once again turned to Superior UK for a service they know, like and trust.

Silletts is an independent family funeral directors, with 10 members of the Sillett family working in the business. Brothers Peter and Paul Sillett represent the fifth generation of the family, and their sons Joseph and Matthew now work in the business too, bringing the legacy of Silletts to a solid six generations of the family.

Superior UK, Binz funeral vehicle specialists, are a family business too. It’s this special synergy of family trust and close relationships which makes a difference to funeral directors like Silletts.

The history of Silletts dates back to 1875, with brothers Peter and Paul joining the business in the early 1980s. The horses and carriages were replaced by limousines and hearses in 1961, although back then Silletts used classic Austin Princess vehicles.

Paul, a partner in the business, and one of the key decision makers in fleet purchases, explained why Silletts have purchased three fleets of Binz vehicles in recent years.

“Silletts is a very old business but we work hard to maintain high levels of excellence, and place a lot of pride in innovation,” he said. “For example, we listened to feedback from families and decided to develop a mobile app to add an extra level to our services, and we put a lot of effort into maintaining our Little Lever chapels to reflect our high standards.

“The purchasing decisions we make about fleet vehicles are part of that dedication to quality and excellence.

“As you’d expect, we know all of the coach builders in the industry, and we looked at them all when it came to updating our fleet. But we always go back to Superior UK. Quite simply, the vehicles are the best out there. The other vehicles we’ve had from Superior have been so good that we didn’t want to change. And we appreciate the high levels of service and commitment from the Smith family and Richard, who looks after Superior’s customers here in the North.”
Silletts funeral binz Vehicles

Kevin Smith of Superior UK remembers back to the early days of the business’s relationship with Silletts. “We have served Silletts for a long time now,” he said. They were originally a Volvo customer of ours and, being a forward thinking company, they decided to purchase their first Binz Mercedes fleet back in 2005. Silletts are a refreshing family business and it’s a real pleaser working with them. Nothing is too much trouble and we enjoy sourcing and delivering quality vehicles to them. It’s our Northern Sales representative Richard Lockwood who deals with them on a daily basis but I personally attended the most recent delivery, and was pleased to get the opportunity to thank them for their valued custom in person.”

The drivers at Silletts have now been using the new hearse and two limousines every day for almost a year and haven’t had any reason to contact Superior’s after-sales care team. “The cars are quality,” said Paul. “They do exactly what we need them to do, and the extra touches like the glass roofs on the limousines get great comments from families. Fleet vehicles are a tool for the job and we need to do exactly what we ask of them, with no problems. In fact, this latest fleet went straight out on the road as soon as they were delivered. Binz vehicles from Superior are good to go, straight out of the box!”
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